Beach volleyball in the city. Fun sport for everyone.

City vs Country Competition

Come and watch the big brother Brisbane teams face off with our local squads. Two jam packed days of fast paced rebound volleyball. Running over the 17th and 18th of July, this event is one you will not want to miss. Come and support townsville in the City vs Country volleyball tournament.

Get Active With Us

For fitness, team building or just plain old fun, we have you covered

Rebound Vollyball

Add a new edge to the game with nets on all sides and the roof. Trick your opponent and make your shots count.

Casual or Competitive

We have two courts. One for the hardcore players and the other for casual players. Maybe you want both? We cater to everyone and you’ll be sure to fit in at Townsville’s Town Beach Volleyball.

Teams of 2-6

Bring your own team with a wicked name or bring yourself and we will find you a team to fit with. All our teams are friendly with spots in both competitive and casual sides.

Thursday Night BBQ

Come down every Thursday for good music, a fantastic & FREE BBQ and some great $10 games. Play with friends or maybe make some new ones. Thursday nights are where it’s all happening at Townsville best Beach Volleyball scene.

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Rules suck.
Lucky there’s only 6.

– 3 hits per side. If it touches the ground on your side, your opponent gains a point.
– Any body part is at your disposal
– A ball going over the net cannot hit the roof
– A player cannot touch the net or reach over the net while contesting a ball.
– A serving player needs one foot on the back net and serves with a single hand as not to hit any wall or roof.
– If your team loses, then wins a point, your team positions rotate clockwise.

"Fun, competitive and a workout, all in one. I can't stop going, it's so addictive"

– Keegan Cruickshank

Ready to get sandy?